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Earnings: InfoSpace's Mobile and Online Search Revenues Down

InfoSpace (NSDQ: INSP) reported its Q3 numbers today, and they’re all jumbled up, mainly because the company is in the middle of selling off its mobile businesses, and will now focus on online meta-search, and who knows how long it will last an an independent company. Revenues for Q307 were $48.7 million and include both online search revenues and mobile revenues; however, they exclude online directory revenues of $8.7 million which are now treated as discontinued operations for Q307 and all prior periods. Net loss, which includes the directory business as discontinued operations, was $12.3 million.

— During the quarter, it sold off its directory business for $225 million and is selling off its mobile business for $135 million.
— Online search revenues were $33.9 million in Q307, a decrease of $6.8 million, compared to Q306. Online search segment income was $10.1 million.
— Mobile revenues were $14.9 million, a decrease of $32.8 million compared to Q306. Mobile revenues included $13.9 million of mobile services revenues compared to $9.1 million in Q306 and the remainder is attributable to the mobile media business. Mobile segment loss was $2.4 million.
— For Q407, the company expects revenue for its online search business to be between $34 million and $35 million.

From the conference call (via transcript): CEO Jim Voelker: On the mobile side, we experienced good revenue growth from our mobile services business this year. Up over 50% from Q3 last year, and we believe the unit will be in break-even in Q4. But it