Tritton’s new Bluetooth headset breaks the mold


It won’t be announced until tomorrow but the Tritton folks have given us an advance look at their new cool headset that is coming.  If you have been looking for a Bluetooth headset that works with both your cell phone and your Mac or PC for audio playback there are several choices but none that are small and light and as functional as the new AX BlueStream Stereo Headset by Tritton.  These guys take the best earbud design and use a unique lapel clip to house the Bluetooth radio for working with the mobile device.  This keeps the entire headset very tiny, comfortable and functional as you can see in this photo:


The BlueStream will retail for $80 wherever Tritton products are sold.  This looks like a sweet setup and one that won’t attract too much unwanted attention.  It weighs less than an ounce and the lapel clip puts all the cell phone controls in a convenient place within easy reach.  Full press release after the jump.

Tritton, LongtimeKing of the Waves, Now Rules the Streams with the AX BlueStream Stereo Headset 

TrittonTechnologies announces AX BlueStream, a Bluetooth stereo headset that allowsusers to control cell phone functions, access music and nix the embarrassing,ginormous earpiece

November 1, 2007 – Ever wonder who came up with that monstrosity of a designthat is the Bluetooth headset?  Tritton Technologies has -and isannouncing their alternative to the bulky, overbearing earpiece: the AXBlueStream Stereo Headset. The headset, which allows you to control cell phonefunctions and your phone’s MP3 player, eliminates the common cyborg-likeearpiece and uncomfortable standard ear buds.

The AX BlueStream has a unique lapel clip design that connectswirelessly to the user’s cell phone or Bluetooth enabled Mac or PC, allowing them toaccess music and receive and deny calls without reaching for the phone. High-quality stereo ear buds and a built-inmicrophone make phone conversations and all your MP3’s clear and convenient.

Atabout two-and-a-half inches long and weighing less than an ounce, the AXBlueStream lets users discreetly check caller-ID forincoming calls.  With its piano-black finish and organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, the AXBlueStream will get you noticed without making you stand out. 

The AX BlueStream’s ability to connect to Bluetooth enabled Macsand PCs make it the perfect wireless solution for Skype® or other VoIP basedcalls. Additionally, the mini-USB port ensures future product compatibilitythrough firmware updates.  The unit includes a DC charger, USB chargingcable, stereo ear buds and a mono ear bud to be used while driving anautomobile.

It is available today through TRITTON’s network of online and retail partnersfor $79.99 MSRP.

AboutTRITTON Technologies
TRITTON is based in Vista, California and is a manufacturer ofhigh-performance, consumer electronics, computer peripherals and networkingproducts. TRITTON focuses on the ability to provide consumers with the latestcutting edge technology with the highest quality of manufacturing and customerservice.  For more information, visit TRITTON Technologies’ website at



Bob Pitas

I’ve had the iTech for a couple years now (got it from Hong Kong on eBay before it was available here) and it does all of this perfectly. No innovation here that i can other than the caller ID display, which I would never use anyway because the only time I use this headset is when I’m riding my motorcycle.


Big Wes

I bought a generic set of headphones like this (it’s a pendant type rather than a clip-on lapel design) to use with my Blackjack. It surprises me how well it works. They sound pretty decent for music, and when a call comes in you can tap a button to take it, which pauses the music. When you hang up, the tunes automagically starts back up. I’ve asked several people about how I sound when using this—they say it is pretty good on their end. All in all, a good purchase. It’s a little unwieldy at times, but I enjoy listening to podcasts on the commute and this makes it easy.

I picked up mine at at

Robert Irving

James – yes I tried a the Sony too (thought that Sony = quality, how wrong can you be?) Had exactly the same problems you did and dumped them for the I-tech which just works. Check out xda-developers for tweak to make sure you get good quality stereo (not usually set as default under WM5/6).


Also I should add the reason I bought this one was because you can us any headphones (or hook it up to a hifi for roaming around the house), it means if you break a lot of headphones then it’s lot that greater expense (the ds200 is almost the same except grey and with slightly poorer headphones – but is quite cheap on eBay)


I have been using the Sony version (Sony Ericsson HBH-DS220) for a couple of months with my Blackjack and x61, the quality is really good, but the switching between devices required restarting to x61, so I just ended up buying two in the end.


WIRES! Need I say more?. Why even go bluetooth is you still have the frackin wires running up your neck and face and around your head. No innovation here at all. LAME ALERT!

Robert Irving

Unique lapel clip? radio? under an ounce? – sorry I must have missed something. In my pocket I have an I-tech Clip Radio which does all these and I have to say looks a lot prettier than the photo of the Tritton – and had been avaialble at this price point for over a year.

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