The Empire Strikes Back… on your phone


Sw1James and I are big LEGO: Star Wars fans so news of The Empire Strikes Back game on a cell phone hit my radar this morning. Or was it a disturbance in the force? Either way, THQ Wireless offers up a mobile version of the second installment in the series, which we all know is Episode V, of course. No wonder I get confused with Daylight Savings Time.I don’t know how much the game costs and normally, I couldn’t see myself gaming on a mobile handset, but the screenshots sure do look better than I expected. Gameplay is also a big part of gaming nirvana, so I can’t comment on that, but the pics of the game hit me harder than a ton of Bantha poo-doo. Hey look, they offer LEGO: Star Wars too. You know what that means: no more posts today since our productivity is about to take a major hit…(via IntoMobile)


Kevin C. Tofel

I play LEGO: SW on the Xbox 360. We of course bought it for the kids, but Barb and I have played it several times until midnight. It’s HYSTERICAL!

Not sure what handsets support or will support the mobile version but I’ll be digging for sure…

Aaron J. Walker

Lego Star Wars for the world!

My son and I both love those games and am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Riddle me this? (in honor of the breathless anticpation of Lego Batman) What platform are you and James enjoying the Lego Star Wars goodness?

As for the announcement of the Star Wars game for mobile, I couldn’t for the life of me find out what OS this game is for. And all references to the company track back to other references to the company on their site, no real news for which OS the game will be available.

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