The Empire Strikes Back… on your phone

Sw1James and I are big LEGO: Star Wars fans so news of The Empire Strikes Back game on a cell phone hit my radar this morning. Or was it a disturbance in the force? Either way, THQ Wireless offers up a mobile version of the second installment in the series, which we all know is Episode V, of course. No wonder I get confused with Daylight Savings Time.I don’t know how much the game costs and normally, I couldn’t see myself gaming on a mobile handset, but the screenshots sure do look better than I expected. Gameplay is also a big part of gaming nirvana, so I can’t comment on that, but the pics of the game hit me harder than a ton of Bantha poo-doo. Hey look, they offer LEGO: Star Wars too. You know what that means: no more posts today since our productivity is about to take a major hit…(via IntoMobile)


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