Test drive the Asus EEE PC environment for free NOW


InternetCurmudgeon or not, you gotta appreciate Mike Cane‘s ability to scour “the Internets” for useful information. Rumor has it that he has successfully surfed to the end of the Internet, but I haven’t been able to confirm that. Mike shares a great URL in one of his (many) comments today and it’s a great little hack worth checking.Hop on over to this Honeypot Hack site and you can do a little navigation around the Asus EEE PC Xandros environment. It’s not a truly interactive emulator or anything, but it does provide HTML screnshots of nearly the entire out of box environment. Happy clicking! Just think Mike: as much as you hate to hear it, you’ve just brought joy to tons of people. ;)


Cody B

I know the questions everyone is wondering (ok only me). Will Opera run on it. I jumped over to their download site and Opera does have a Linux version. Fingers crossed everyone. Maybe if Kevin isn’t too busy once he gets his, could he test it?

Mike Cane

Bah! You make it seem like I’m sitting at home digging for this stuff. It falls into my lap. Honest, guv, I’m not worthy of the credit.

So I think you better send me that Asus Eee by way of apology.

(Oh, I’m cracking up!! Parents, don’t let your kids get Tech Lust!)

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