Maryland state troopers using Tablets to protect the homeland

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State_trooper_tabletMaryland state troopers have tested a program using touch-screen Tablets to store and provide instant access to information while doing fly-by missions checking on landmarks deemed vulnerable to terrorist attacks.  The Tablets are used to aid in the missions and to store information to make it instantly available to Homeland Security personnel.  What is cool about this program is it is the brainchild of one trooper who thought there must be a better way than the old capture technique using paper.  The trooper saw the benefit a slate Tablet could provide and pitched it to the agency who formed the pilot program that was conducted in Maryland.  This program was such a success that Homeland Security is going to roll out these slates in other states for similar work.  Checking out the video in the article shows the Tablets in action and while it’s hard to tell they look to me like the Tabletkiosk touch slates that have been selling for years.  It’s always good to see a government agency that listens to the people doing the actual work and then adopt the idea this trooper put forth.

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I spent almost four years(2003-2007) at the Governor’s Office in Maryland and I used a tc1100 tablet pc. It was my first tablet and I hoped it would show the versatility of the tablet pc platform. While I shared my tablet with troopers, I cannot claim any direct link to this story. Thanks for sharing this story. It good to see that some people are getting it.

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