Google Launches Carbon Calculator, Gadgets for the UK


The green initiatives roll out of Google so fast and furiously, we have a hard time keeping track of them all: a massive corporate solar system, more renewable energy plans on the way, and hybrid car investments, to name just a few. This morning Googlers launched another — though, not as exciting — eco service: a carbon calculator and carbon footprint gadgets for Google’s personalized home page, iGoogle, all dubbed the UK Carbon Footprint Project.

Carbon calculators are used to determine one’s personal carbon footprint, assessing both the amount a person drives and flies, as well as how much energy they use to heat and light their homes. A lot of sites, such as Yahoo’s (YHOO) Green pages, already offer carbon calculators, so here Google is a bit behind the curve. And the company’s offering, so far, is limited to the UK. As far as their expansion plans go, a Google spokesperson told us: “At this stage we’re keen to hear feedback on the tool from our UK users about how useful they find it, and will develop it from there.”

The carbon-tracking-themed gadgets on iGoogle are actually pretty nifty. They have a UK Carbon Footprint Map, Carbon Footprint News, Sky’s Video Snap Shots of Climate Change, Google Carbon Footprint Project Statistics, and a UK Carbon Discussion Group. Check them out. We’re going to feign British accents and start using them.

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