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Create a “Sky” and “Wood” Custom Dock

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I learned that the background on the Dock in Leopard is a set of 4 PNG image files, and I got the hamsters running. I made Sky and Wood for you, and here’s what they look like:


showcontents.jpg To ‘install’ them, go to /System/Library/CoreServices/Dock and click on the gear icon in the Finder window.

Select “Show Package Contents” and then go to Contents/Resources/ and copy these files in. They will replace the system images, so be sure to backup the originals!

Download Sky
Download Wood

75 Responses to “Create a “Sky” and “Wood” Custom Dock”

  1. Luna, if you poke around in that same folder with the dock images, I think there’s a dock item shadow image somewhere. I imagine setting that to fully transparent would do the trick, although I haven’t played with it.

  2. Initially I had the same problem with the new effect appearing to not apply. Simple solution is to change the dock to show as a side bar and then change it back to show at the bottom. Hope this helps others.

    Thanks for share. Loving the wood effect – primarily because it makes the dock sooooo much easier to see now. esp the stupid active application glowing ball which was almost impossible to see on the mirrored dock.

  3. Paul Andrews

    I finally got it to work, the wood looks great, thanks.
    It asked me to authenticate about 10 times before it allowed me to paste the new PNGs in to the folder.

  4. Todd Baur

    Actually, I’m kinda glad that the Wood one doesn’t reflect because wood doesn’t reflect naturally unless it is highly polished. So I guess it is all a matter of taste if you like that or not.

  5. Does it? I noticed that the alpha channel in the pngs seems to specify reflectivity, which is basically transparency, but applied over an image of the area just above the dock, but top-bottom mirrored. This is cute, but it seemed to make it impossible to have “regular” transparency.

  6. Todd,

    I got it to work. I had to physically remove the old files and then copy and paste in your wood files. It did not replace them if I just did the overwrite thing.

    Thank you. Nice job.


  7. Todd Baur

    When you view the images in the Dock package are they shown as the Wood files or the system ones? I made sure the Finder viewed the Wood before I switched over.

  8. Todd,

    I logged in and out. rebooted, did it all even revived all dock files (from backup) then retried wood files still no luck. Hopefully can figure this out someday. Thank you for your help anyway.


  9. Todd,

    Thank you for the quick response. The files are where they need to be just as per your directions but still no luck after an hour later. BTW, thank you for creating these files as well. I am going to try sky and see what happens.

  10. If you’re comfortable using Terminal, you can use the command ‘sudo ditto Downloads/Wood/*.png /System/Library/CoreServices/’ (assuming that Downloads/Wood/ is the location of the PNG files.

  11. Nice. I bet most Leopard-ised tweak utilities (CandyBar, Onyx, Cocktail etc) will automate this process.

    How did you get rid of the reflections? IIRC the stock Dock also draws reflections for all icons it carries but I see none in your versions.