AT&T 8525 getting Windows Mobile 6 upgrade tomorrow


Att_8525_openf_270x217Good news for AT&T 8525 / Hermes owners: HTC is set to release a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for your 8525. Look for it tomorrow and be sure to back up your data and charge your battery in preparation for the flash. Aside from some nice usability features added, Windows Mobile 6 appears much more stable to me than its predecessor.Upgrading my T-Mobile Dash from WM 5 to WM 6 has made the device rock solid, so you’d be hard-pressed not to want this upgrade on your 8525. Best feature I’ve found for mobility in WM6? Easy Internet Sharing to use your phone as a Bluetooth modem for either a PC or a Mac.


Kevin C. Tofel

It’s been up and down several times today, but as I read it, it would officially be available tomorrow. If you got it today, that’s a bonus! :)

Kevin White

Actually, it’s… available now. I think HTC glitched on their website. I installed it. Didn’t brick my phone, and it certainly works. I can’t say whether it works better or not. I suppose I will see if my phone freezes up when I get a call, sounds off two alarms at once, or randomly locks up…

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