Asus EEE PC 4G in stock at NewEgg = $399.99


3422024404I’ve been watching and waiting for the Asus EEE PC to appear as available and today’s the day. I just ordered a Pearl White Asus EEE PC 4G from NewEgg at $399.99 plus shipping. I would have preferred the 8G for double the flash memory, but 4 GB ought to do just fine for Linux and the 8G won’t be seen for a good four weeks yet. There’s also 3 USB ports and an SD slot on the EEE PC, so I could dedicate a flash drive or an SD card for storing all data and documents. The EEE PC is expected to get around 3.5 hours of battery life so I’ll be curious if it meets that time-frame. In related good news, TeleRead indicates that FBReader and Adobe Reader are pre-installed on the EEE, so I’ll have some digital eBook content to look at as well.


Mike Cane

>>>C’mon Mike… *acting* like a child doesn’t mean you’ll be the child I donate this to if I go that route. Nice try though. ;)

You see? His fiendity never ends!!

Hey, billg emailed me. He’ll revoke your MVP unless you get rid of that Eee … to me!

(Maniacal laughter!)

John in Norway

I’m sure most people will be interested to hear what your impression is of the inking ability. :-)

Kevin C. Tofel

David, I’ve seen no mention of the SD slot supporting high capacity SD at this point. I’m anticipating that it won’t but I’ll check for that as soon as I receive my order.

Sal Cangeloso

Wow, great pick up! I can’t wait to get mine! Not sure if should do a newegg order now, check out best buy tomorrow, or wait for the 2GB though.

Kevin C. Tofel

C’mon Mike… *acting* like a child doesn’t mean you’ll be the child I donate this to if I go that route. Nice try though. ;)

Mike Cane

This post reminds me of something I’ve forgotten to say earlier: I HATE YOU! Fiend!!

First Leopard, now this!

You merciless bag of techery!!

Kevin C. Tofel

All of my needs are currently met by devices I own so there’s no plan for this to fill a need. The intent of the purchase is to provide information so that other folks can see if it will fit their plan. I could change my mind if I see a compelling reason to replace a device with the EEE PC after using it. If it doesn’t take the place of any other device I own, it will either become a laptop for the kids or be donated to a child that could use it.

Steve Paine

Whats the plan the Kevin? I’m interested to see where the Eee fits in your computing world. Will it be a home pc or a mobile pc? Kitchen PC? Holiday PC? How will it fit in with the Q1P etc.


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