Adobe admits readers have multiple devices, changes DRM to help


AdobedigitaleditionsLooks like Adobe just caught up to the rest of us and admits that maybe… just MAYBE… people will want to read digital content on more than one device they own. Yup, it sounds all sophisticated-like, but it’s true. Some people have two or *gasp* three computing devices! While Adobe hasn’t removed all traces of DRM from their Digital Editions software, they are going to offer “Named Activation” in the next version of DE, which is v1.5. This differs from the current “Easy Activation” as it won’t tie your content to a device (hoo-ray!), but instead to your Adobe ID so you can view the content on multiple devices.I’m still sold on eReader’s DRM for ease of use and transferability of content since they use your credit card number, but Adobe’s future plan is better than their current one.



The major DRM innovation I need from Adobe before I trust them again is to cut the cord with the merchant. I’ve got several expensive PDF’s I bought from Amazon’s that I can no longer access after Amazon stabbed all their digital locker customers in the back with a Crocodile Dundee sized knife.

I’ve also found their DE incapable of maintaining its digital library on my Mac. The silly thing keeps losing track of all of its ebooks, or perhaps thats just the DRM showing off?

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