More On Google And Mobile: Reports Of T-Mobile Tie-Up And Jobs In London


T-Mobile has come up again as a partner for Google’s next mobile move, most recently in an article in the Telegraph. The paper also puts its two cents into the rumor machine on the side of Google (NSDQ: GOOG) developing a phone, not an OS.

Google may be refusing to answer to press speculation about what exactly it is doing in the mobile market — silence is indeed golden, as far as its share price is concerned. But its actions may speak louder than words: Google has two positions on mocoNews’s own job boards for mobile people: a wireless server developer, and a mobile applications software engineer. Both jobs are based in London — in keeping with news that it is ramping up engineering headcount in Europe.

Google has had mobile people in London for some time now. This London base could prove to be a telling clue to Google’s strategy. Nikesh Arora, who heads the company’s operations in Europe, joined Google after several years with T-Mobile, where he was on the board and the operators’ global CMO. T-Mobile was Google’s operator partner in its first foray into mobile, when it provided the home page and an early version of its mobile search for T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk product.

If the job boards provide a clue, Google may be more interested in what runs on the phone, not the device itself. This is what we’ve been hearing from one internal Google source who claims there will be a mid-November announcement regarding a Google OS.

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