Ad Network eXelate Raised $4 Million First Round

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eXalate, an Israel-based based ad network, has raised a $4 million first round from Carmel Ventures, reports TechCrunch. The company offers a variation on behavioral targeting through the use of “delayed ads”, ads that are based on previous sites that a user has visited. Participating networks can pay publishers to distribute eXelate cookies that allow the system to work. Unlike other behavioral ad systems, the company won’t build up a dossier of user-specific info, possibly side-stepping some of the controversy surrounding the whole area. Privacy issues aside, it has to prove superior ROI for it to work.

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Oshrit from eXelate

Hi, my name is Oshrit and I am working with eXelate.
Thanks for taking the time to post about eXelate — we appreciate it! My apologies for not posting sooner.
I just want to clarify one point and say that we’re not an ad network but exclusively a marketplace that works between buyers (ad networks) and sellers (targeted publishers). I hope this helps. If anyone has any additional questions, please contact me at or check out the demo which shows how our Delayed Ads work on the eXelate Targeting eXchange:

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