When Starbucks runs dry

There are three things certain in life, death, taxes and there will always be coffee in Starbucks. At least until today. I stopped earlier in my local SBUX and ordered my usual caffeinated beverage and the barista started frothing the milk. She stopped mid-steam and said “Shoot! We are totally out of espresso beans so I can’t make your drink.” The sound of my jaw hitting the floor was echoed by the two patrons who had ordered after me and who must be really out of luck. Fortunately for us one of the baristas was on the ball and grabbed a pound package of beans for sale and filled the grinder. We were all happily sipping in short order, although our stable world had now been shaken. It turned out the manager had forgotten to have them get the big backs of beans they would need and locked the store room before leaving for a while.BTW, this post was done on the HTC Advantage. Hooahh!

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