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We just got tipped off to a video startup called, an online game show that combines live hosts and viewer participation.

The startup appears to have also gone by the name, according to parts of its web site. PlayCafe/Livefire was founded by Mark Goldenson and Dev Nag, who have experience at PayPal (EBAY), Google (GOOG), and a number of startups.

If we turn to the ever-trusty want ads to get more information about the company, we’ll find it’s a “seed-funded startup” that is “launching a first-of-its-kind, live Internet show involving games.” It’s also apparently got a high schooler who came in second on a Kids Week episode of Jeopardy working as a “trivia writer,” according to his MySpace profile.

It’s not clear exactly what “live Internet show involving games” is, and from the clips embedded below you’ll see they’re still figuring it out themselves.

The site is partially accessible, and is currently accepting invite requests for its private beta. It features advertising from Netflix (NFLX). The second episode below features ads from 7-UP, Budweiser, and FedEx, though they appear to just be placeholders. Prizes include Amazon and iTunes gift cards, ringtones, and cash.


Peter Kazanjy

I’ve had the pleasure of being an early beta participant in PlayCafe and I have to say, it is FUN!

If you’re the kind of person who always found himself shouting Jeapardy answers out, and talking smack with friends and family during the game, PlayCafe is totally going to make you happy.

You’ve got trivia, which is awesome, and you’ve got live chat within a chat room, for all your pwning chitter chatter, and you’ve got an engaging, FUNNY, host guiding the whole process.

I can’t wait to see where this goes, and can’t wait for them to get big sponsors for bigger prizes! This is definitely one to watch.


Another interesting thing about this video startup is they are using Amazon Web services like Mogulus and

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