Stationery Pack


Equinux Stationery Pack In the new that is packaged with Leopard, there are a few dozen email templates to spice up what you send out.

Now you can have over 100 of them to choose from.

Equinux has released their first stationery pack with over 100 new templates to add to your emailing arsenal.

There are 7 different categories of templates including Business, Sports, Feelings, and others. It’s somewhat a given that in a collection this large of generic templates, not all of them are going to be great. There are certainly quite a few good ones but along with those are some that were obviously a bit of an afterthought just to reach the “100” mark.

The entire collection will cost you around $30.



Hi, please refresh my memory: didn’t apple provide stationary value packs on their previous dot-mac page?… It used to be free I guess. Any clues?


Anyone found a way to create your own yet? I haven’t had much time to look for the “stationary” files Mail uses, I assume they’re in the Mail package somewhere. I don’t want to pay for something I can easily do myself if I don’t have to.

This just seems like something Apple should have built-in to the program — the ability to “roll-your-own.”

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