HP iPAQ 210: you might see it in February, 2008. Or not.


Hpipaq210The PDA market just can’t catch a break. First, they all seem to be getting replaced by those new-fangled smartphones and now, the latest and greatest models are getting delayed. While this won’t come as a major surprise to our regular readers since we broke news that the HP iPAQ 210 delivery dates were in question, there’s a little more info to share.

Our original tipster Roger has had a tough time through the whole ordeal and shares more of his experience with us. His first order went through but was promptly canceled. The next time he went to order, the price had gone up $50 from the last time; a tragic shame and I hope that HP considers offering $50 off to everyone who ordered prior to that.The latest note from HP sent Roger doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence on when the iPAQ 210 will be available either:”Dear customer: From your HP order item # FB040AA#ABA (HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld) will not be released through this year, they are on shipping hold with no estimated ship date, the most accurate information is that this IPAQ might be available for the end of February 08, we do apologize for this inconvenience, unfortunately you order will have to be canceled, if you have received partial shipments from your order, please give us a call at 1-800-888-0292 opt 4 and any customer service representative will be glad to help you with the return, or if you want to check some other IPAQ options please give us a call at 1-800-888-5858 opt 2 op1 and any sales representative will be glad to assist you.Please let me know if you have any questions.Thanks,Customer Service Rep (name removed by kct)Hewlett-Packard CompanySMB Order managementPhone: 1 800 888 0292 ext. xxxxx” (ext. removed by kct)It’s too bad that an official statement hasn’t been made available by HP on the issue as I strongly believe in managing customer expectations. The closest we’ve had so far is confirmation on the delays from an HP PR representative.



I’ve been waiting for this device with great anticipation. I’ve been watching the eeePC with interest also, but it’s just too big for even me to wear all the time on my belt. A 2.8″ QVGA screen is not enough for me. I’ve tried a Sony-UX, but the ergonomics are not great and the battery life is terrible. This device looks like it will work for me.


Let’s be realistic, the innards of a PDA aren’t significantly different from other similar devices, such as UMPCs. The most significant cost is the LCD screen. The 210 has a VGA screen, while the 110 has an SVGA. I’d venture a cost of something like $250-300 for a decent current LCD screen.

I paid $400 for an iPAQ HX 4705, and it arrived from the eBay seller with a cracked LCD. The cost, about 2 years ago, was $250-275 for the SVGA LCD screen it had.

The tech has improved since then, so for a comparably modern screen, I’m betting it is similar in cost.


Aaron J. Walker

Mike, I agree with you, PDAs are over priced. But at this point, I don’t HP is ready to pull an Apple and make drastic price cuts.

They seem to be aiming these at business customers and, for some reasons, they seem to think business customers don’t mind paying a premium for things that Joe Average Consumer would laugh at.

Ala Microsoft and their ridiculous pricing schemes for Vista Ultimate and Office Enterprise (not counting the student discount).

My two cents anyway.

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