Holidays in iCal


Since I switched from Firebird to iCal a little while ago as part of an effort to try this ‘integration’ thing Apple’s been proposing for the last ten years, I’ve been frustrated by one thing.

…Where are my holidays?

I always look at iCal – or any calendar – in month view, so one of the big things I use it for is holidays. What week, exactly, does Columbus Day fall in again? I could understand, intellectually, why Apple chose not to put holidays in iCal, given regional differences, but it never ceased to annoy. It got to be too much, so I used my ever-formidable google-fu and found two sites offering calendars to which holiday-needing users could subscribe.

One of them, unfortunately, seems to have been eaten by Apple’s New Features in Leopard page. “” now redirects there, and I can’t find the old page – which was mostly about new iCal features in Tiger, but also had the links to calendars, including various holidays and sports teams. (Just one more reason for me to like Apple – subscribable Red Sox game times.)

The other, though, is iCalWorld. They have many more calendars, including user-submitted ones. So add holidays to your iCal, just in time for winter holidays!


Stephanie Guertin

@Along – Yes, it was sarcasm.

@everyone else – Thanks for the alternate links!


So, Googling an obvious term for an easy solution to a well publicised feature of an Apple application is now Google-fu?
I presume you were joking, but everything ever published on the internet has to pass through the hyperbole filter these days …

I guess it’s like how ‘using’ things is now called ‘hacking’.

That said, I wonder when Apple will realise that their iCal library page has disappeared, I can’t imagine it’s deliberate.

The biggest site for sharedcalendars is probably

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