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Wireless_techWe are always covering how people use their wireless technology on jkOnTheRun and we have an opportunity for you to help a student working on his Masters degree in Communications Technology.  John Spinks of Strayer University is doing research for his final project that looks at how people use their mobile technology and he’s running a survey to help gather data for the project.  The survey only takes 5 minutes to complete and you’ll help this guy out.  I took it and the questions posed are thoughtful questions aimed at determining how you use your wireless technology and what you’d like to see in the future.  Give it a go and help John out.


Mickey Segal

A lot of what people will do in the future depends on what is available at what price. If there are WiFi alliances or free WiFi that is widespread people will use a lot of WiFi. If broadband wireless is common and cheap and built into hardware, people will switch to that. Also, people may use wired connections in their office or home and wireless when undocked, so answers can depend on the amount of travel expected.

A good way to get at such data may be to separate the home/office and mobile use of a particular computer or mix of computers, and offer some scenarios about price and availability.

I was at a conference recently at which the conference center and the associated hotel each had their own different pay WiFi services. Few people signed up, and cell phones got used a lot. Knowing what to expect depends a lot on the conditions.



I am actually the researcher in question, and I would value any feedback that you have.

My primary interest in this survey is actually the type of data that you are using today versus the type of data that you plan to use in the future.

The additional information will allow me to draw conclusions about how you use your data – Granted the survey could be refined to improve the value of the information, but I found it difficult to do so without alienating normal users.

I did have a small selection of users (~20) take the survey are respond on the questions that were asked.

I would love to hear any suggestions that you have – Please feel free to email them to



Mickey Segal

The survey did not seem constructed in a way to capture much relevant information. For example, those who use wireless only while traveling just come in as having some low constant level of wireless use, and the survey had no opportunity for comments to give the researcher a clue that they are gathering information of low usefulness. There should be some filtering to publicize only surveys that seem useful, and possibly give advice to the researcher on improving their design before asking people to fill it out.

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