Drivemocion: set your car’s emotions free!

DrivemocionthumbI really hope I don’t see the Drivemocion on my next trip to New York City. I just know some hacker cab-driver is going to create a way to customize it from the five pre-set messages and I’m afraid of what that taxi is going to say. If you have a pressing need to “show kindness, courtesy and respect” as it were to the car behind you, this is your chance. The Drivemocion mounts to your rear window (presumably not blocking too much of your view, right?) and has a wireless remote that you can dash mount. Press an emoticon button on the remote and voila! You just told people you don’t even know that you’re happy and you know it! Hopefully they don’t clap their hands and cause an accident.There’s no price yet for the Drivemocion that also shares a wink, says “Sorry”, “Back off”, and “Thanks”. So would it be inconsiderate to not flash the “Thanks” after someone lets you in ahead of them in traffic? I’m sticking with my bike. At least until there’s a Cyclomocion…


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