Dear Google,

Gmail2Hi, you don’t know me personally, but I’m in your index a bunch. I’ve been a good mobile tech boy this year and recommend your services to everyone I know. I like all of the little features you add along the way. I’m even thinking of saving myself about $150 a year by dropping my Exchange account to use your mail application; it’s even better with mobile devices since you added IMAP support.Lots of my friends are excited about the new Gmail 2.0. The Contacts look really helpful and I can keep all of my friends information there. I know you and the Google Elves are working really hard to bring Gmail 2.0 to good kids everywhere, but if you can check your “Naughty and Nice” list again, I’d appreciate it because I’m still waiting for IMAP. I know you usually don’t make mistakes with information like this, but I think I got on the wrong list. I’ll try really hard to be even better this coming year.Your friend,kctP.S. – Yes, it was me that put out the cookies for your web engineers last night. Hope they liked them.


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