Dear Google,


Gmail2Hi, you don’t know me personally, but I’m in your index a bunch. I’ve been a good mobile tech boy this year and recommend your services to everyone I know. I like all of the little features you add along the way. I’m even thinking of saving myself about $150 a year by dropping my Exchange account to use your mail application; it’s even better with mobile devices since you added IMAP support.Lots of my friends are excited about the new Gmail 2.0. The Contacts look really helpful and I can keep all of my friends information there. I know you and the Google Elves are working really hard to bring Gmail 2.0 to good kids everywhere, but if you can check your “Naughty and Nice” list again, I’d appreciate it because I’m still waiting for IMAP. I know you usually don’t make mistakes with information like this, but I think I got on the wrong list. I’ll try really hard to be even better this coming year.Your friend,kctP.S. – Yes, it was me that put out the cookies for your web engineers last night. Hope they liked them.


Kevin C. Tofel

Greg, you must be a mind reader. I was just writing a post on the duplicate mail issue as you commented. Oh, the pain of multiple e-mail copies…

Greg Hughes

Mine finnaly showed up later in the day on October 31st. Google’s help pages indicted it woudl be about a week’s time to roll it out to all accounts. Mine works pretty well (although getting all the folders properly mapped in Outlook to avoid deplicates and whatnot is proving to be a pain – any helpers in that area?)


Some people reported following worked for them.

1. Sign out and sign on again, and check if you have it now.
2. Just go ahead and set up IMAP connection with your email client. IMAP may have already been activated for your account, but just doesn’t show up on the web interface.


CanI have some IMAP, too? I’m still waiting like many of you but looking forward to it. I had just started to seriously consider a hosted exchange service based on what I had read here. Maybe I should hold off in eager anticipation of GMail IMAP…

Kevin C. Tofel

Thank you Google Elves. I see that IMAP is now enabled. I have 2742 messages in Mail so far with oh so many more on the way. Thanks… I think. ;)

Scott Stawarz

Funny, I just transferred the family email to Gmail, and my mom (new account only two days old) has the IMAP, but I do not. She did not have it at first which I thought odd. I am debating about moving a few small businesses to Google for your domains.

then, I read about gmail 2.0 this morning, and I am wondering where is gmail IMAP version. I’m glad to know I am not the only one on the wrong list. :)


I am going through the same thing. I just canceled my hosted exchange for my wife and myself, and she has IMAP already and I dont! We are going with syncmycal for Gcal, and living with IMAP for mail.

Apparently Google says everyone should have IMAP by the 31st…


I wonder what criteria Google is using while rolling the IMAP support out. Not to twist the knife, but I have had IMAP support on both my GMail account and my Hosted GMail accounts for a week now.

Very strange!


I’m still waiting for the IMAP fairy to come to my account too! When google?! When?!

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