Bad kitty! A Leopard ate my iLife apps, but they’re coughed back up

TigerbundledsoftwareYes, I’m a bit of a masochist. Sometimes I do things with my computers just for the experience. When Leopard arrived, I did the quick hit activity: I upgraded right over Tiger. It worked well but that left me without the other side of the coin: going through an Erase and Install of Leopard for that factory fresh smell. Staying up until 1 am on Saturday morning changed that: the install went without a hitch. And then today I went to edit a picture for my Vye S37 ink post. Uh… where did iPhoto go?

Of course iPhoto was gone as was GarageBand, iMovieHD and many more apps that I used from time to time on Tiger. I panicked and sent a tweet of my woes only to have the answer from Dwight Silverman in less than two minutes flat. The applications I was looking for were available on Disk 2 of the Mac OS X Tiger disks that came with my MacBook Pro!Thank goodness for the instantaneous nature of Twitter and thank you to Dwight. He was 100% correct. If you “lost” the apps that came with your Tiger-based Mac, just insert Disk 1 of Tiger to your computer. Then look for the “Install Bundled Software Only” icon. Your only other option isn’t one you want, unless you want to go back one kitty to Tiger again: “Install Mac OS X and Install Bundled Software”. If you go with the default installation bundle, you’ll be adding 9.5 GB of applications to your hard drive. Hit the Customize button and you can choose which apps you do or don’t want installed.Thanks for the assist, Dwight! Shame on me for thinking the apps came with Tiger when they actually came with the purchase of my MacBook Pro…


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