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A Sneaky Way to Watch Hulu Now

The good folks over at BuzzFeed have pointed out a backdoor way to watch the new Hulu video service — even if you don’t have a beta invite.

Just change the number at the end of this URL to any value between 1 and 1801:

For instance: brings up an SNL sketch featuring Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett (always funny). is an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show (dig that theme song).

and is an episode of Arrested Development.

Whether this is a glitch, lazy programming or intentional is irrelevant at this point, and I’m not going to be the one to call NBC or FOX for comment. So plug in a number and see what comes up!

Update: Could just be my Internet connection, but are the videos stopping part way through for anyone else?

13 Responses to “A Sneaky Way to Watch Hulu Now”

  1. If your outside the US chances are you cant get Hulu to work unless you use proxies or something else, but it often interferes with the stream.
    I use http://3click.TV I think its the best site on the web for TV- available everywhere, more shows (complete seasons of everything) awesome stream quality, and no ads-

  2. They likely have their sites geo filtered cyclepromo. We do it at my place of employment at a major network. Mostly due to contracts about allowing the content into other regions that may have different rights for the media.