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A Half-Hearted Jab?

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So Leopard finally launched last Friday at 6pm. It’s great, it’s lame – no matter your stance, it’s here. And in case you were unaware, it’s at least a little better (and dare I say, technically advanced?) than Microsoft’s Vista which hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes since it dropped earlier this year.

In recent weeks there was an article in the New York Times which essentially got after Apple for not capitalizing on the so-called flop of Vista and the cold-shoudler it’s received from the tech industry. So now that Apple’s latest iteration of OS X (that’s ’10’, for those new to the game) is on shelves, let the comparisons and true winners and losers be determined. (Or do what I do and just use it because you love it and ignore all the hoopla – your choice of course.)

But as Microsoft ultimately struggles to regain some respect and dedication to their operating system offering(s), it seems they may be taking the ambiguous shot across the bow if you pay attention. Background: Apparently one night long past – most likely hopped-up on Barq’s with caffeine – I signed up for email updates for Microsoft’s Office for Mac progress. Yeah, I know… Anyway, Friday evening came around, and there was an email in my box with the subject-line, “Exploring Windows: Make 6:00PM Your Time Again.”

Now maybe it was just dumb luck (I’ll leave that to your judgement), but getting an email from Microsoft on the day of Apple’s OS launch, offering to make 6pm my time again?? May I remind you that 6pm was the launch time of Leopard. It’s very likely it’s just the super-nerd in me that’s reading too much into a chance email, but the timing and wording seemed like too much of a reference to an opposing operating system.

Did you get this email? What’s your take on it – coincidence, or directed marketing?

5 Responses to “A Half-Hearted Jab?”

  1. This was the e-mail (just the first part):

    “Make 6:00 P.M. your time again

    Reclaim your free time. See how you can get more done on your PC with less hunting, less clicking–then use your newly free time to connect and share with family and friends both near and far.

    See how Windows Vista and Windows Live can help you make it happen.”

  2. If that was Microsoft’s option for a shot across the bow, they’ve got some serious rethinking to do. Compared to Apple hanging gigantic banners that say, “Redmond, start your photocopiers”, an email is pretty weak sauce.