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Real Estate Blog Curbed Gets $1.5 Million Funding

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Curbed, an NYC-based real estate blog, has raised $1.5 million in funding, after being in existence for a few years now. The site was founded by Lockhart Steele, who previously was managing editor of the Gawker Media blog network (Curbed was founded prior to Steele joining Gawker and he went back to it after he left). Nick Denton, Steele

6 Responses to “Real Estate Blog Curbed Gets $1.5 Million Funding”

  1. John C. Smith

    $7M post would be a much more sensible valuation.

    I like the sites, with all respect to Lockhart, and Blodget-style (hyper-)valuation exercises notwithstanding — Curbed isn't the kind of asset likely to be worth anywhere near $100M in any sort of realistic time horizon.

  2. John C. Smith

    I heard a rumor that Fred Wilson's wife also invested.

    I also heard an unusually high post-$ valuation, something like twice the $6M (or so) you would think.

    True? (I'm assuming the former is probably legit; the latter the usual blog "mogul" posturing.)