HT Media To Acquire A Social Networking Site


HT Media is “in the process of acquiring” a site in the social networking space, as per an earnings release (pdf) from the company. So any guesses on which company they’re acquiring?

HT also plans to launch classifieds sites around Jobs, matrimonial and Real Estate — pretty much standard classifieds domains, some of which we’ve reported on earlier. HT Media also appears to have renamed its Internet subsidiary Firefly e-Ventures; it was called Medialab Web Solutions, and was announced last quarter. The company also claims that the re-launch of has received consumer approval, which is “reflected in the increased page views”. No segment-wise earnings from HT Media; there is an analyst conference call here, which I might be posting updates from, if any.



do we really need another social network?? I don't think either yaari or jhoom has anything to offer me over facebook or linked in,


Me too…

May be they'll acquire Facebook and Orkut.. and then combine them and re-brand as FACEKUT or ORBOOK… now thats real shrewd decision !!


Instead of buying new social networking sites, they could develop one on their own. It is a bad business decision to buy a new social networking , that too the one which got funded recently


Hi , vin i really do not think that is up for sale.

how can HT come to know of a unlauched site … ?

just some food for thought…


Hi , if i am sure enough , then it could be the still unlaunched

one will have to check the correct url once.

or it could be Hi5. my guess is the 1st one. what do you say nikhil …

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