US Wireless Biz: By The Numbers

Some fun facts from CTIA’s mid-year 2007 survey results (Download PDF):

* At the end of first half of 2007, there were 243.4 million subscribers or about 10.4M net new additions. UBS Research estimates that number works out to about 80% penetration of the U.S. population, versus 77% at year-end 2006 and 73% at mid-year 2006.
* For the first half of 2007, CTIA survey pegged wireless revenues at $68.7 billion up 12% from last year.
* Data revenues continued to show robust growth of 63% and contributed roughly 15% to total revenues.
* Average revenue per user (ARPU) was $49.94.
* Minutes of use (MOU) per subscriber were 732. It all added up to 1.1 trillion minutes of talk. That’s a lot of yakking!
* In 1H 2007, the average local call’s length was 3.13 minutes.
* CTIA says wireless carriers added 14,747 cell sites in 1H07 which still doesn’t explain why call quality continues to suck on pretty much every network.


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