Personalized TV Provider Imagine Communications Raises $15 Million Second Round


Imagine Communications, an Israeli firm developing technology to make TV more personalized, has raised a $15 million second round from Court Square Ventures, according to Globes Online. The company has now raised at least $24.2 million, as it announced a $9.2 million investment (.pdf) from Carmel Ventures and Columbia Capital last year. Imagine claims its solution can help operators deliver personalized TV service, including personalized advertising, while also solving network capacity issues. According to the report, it’s on the verge of signing a partnership with a major, though unidentified, carrier.

Co-founders Ron Gutman and Doron Segev were both previously at BigBand Networks. This summer, BigBand filed a patent infringement suit against Imagine, alleging that the former employees are willfully infringing upon BigBand patents relating to video processing and bandwidth management. Release.

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