Climbing the K2 of Games


[qi:012] Folks keep an eye out on K2 Network, Irvine, Calif.-based start-up that is a distributor of casual games and MMOs. The company has raised $20 million or so, with just over $16 million in Series B funding from Intel Capital, Greycroft Partners, Khosla Ventures and Novel TMT Ventures as well as returning investors BV Capital and mvp Capital.

K2 Network founder & CEO Joshua Hong was speaking at the PLAY Conference in Berkeley, Calif. and outlined his company’s progress and growth as part of a panel discussion. The six year old company has grown quietly to around 10 million members and has made a successful business out of bringing hit South Korean games to the West, and building communities around games where gamers can discuss strategies and characters.

The GigaOM Show co-host Joyce Kim has been talking about K2 and thinks that this East-to-West model is going to gain more traction in coming years. Why? Higher speed connections made MMOs popular with South Koreans in large numbers, and as a consequence there is a thriving MMO and gaming industry in the land of Samsung.

We are planning to tackle online gaming and MMOs in one of our upcoming episodes. If you have any specific questions, let us know, and we can weave them into the show as well. Check out our latest episode: A chat with Moo Cards CEO Richard Moross.



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Media Outrage

ok well i do appreciate your response. That doesn’t sound right to me either, but then again I was hoping that Forbes did some investigating.

Om Malik

Media Outrage, well that is a preposterous claim. I am not sure how they come up with fuzzy math, but but this is a sign of the times where everything seems believable.

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