Weekend Fun: On Facebook, Time Isn't Money


How much time and money do you spend on Facebook? That was the question we recently asked those who installed the GigaOm Question of the Day app, that we launched on October 17. Over 80 people piped in and offered up gems like these:

* “Since time is money, then I’m spending to much of both.” — Tomas Nihlén (If time = money, what happens now that Facebook = $14 billion?)

Of our admittedly non-scientific survey, most people spent 15 – 30 minutes a day on Facebook, and no money. But the answers got us thinking how some other tech luminaries who have yet to join our group would answer the question: [digg=http://digg.com/tech_news/Weekend_Fun_On_Facebook_Time_Isn_t_Money]* “While I used to think it was a fad, for the past few weeks I’ve been on it constantly, you should see the 40,000 Microsoft employees friends I’ve forced into joining signed up. Oh, and I spent roughly $240 million on it. BOO-YAH! Suck on that Google!” — Steve Ballmer

* “Facebook is dead to me.” — Sergey Brin

* “What he said.” — Larry Page

* “Mwah-ah-ah-ah-ah! (curls mustache) AHHH-ah-ah-ah!” — Mark Zuckerberg

* “Give me 100 days and I’ll give you an answer.” — Jerry Yang

And now for our new Question of the Day: Does the new Mac OS X really growl? Or is it a disappointment?


Facebook.com spectacular achievement

So, Facebook.com is now worth about a whopping $15 billion, hey? That is a spectacular achievement. I have had a Facebook.com account for a while now,.com though I have not spent much time there because I am currently enjoying Myspace.com. However, now that I know its value, it may be time to go there and hangout a little while.

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