Cisco's Chambers Bullish On Wireless In India

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Cisco Systems (CSCO) CEO John Chambers is headed to India and in an email interview with he outlined the progress made by Cisco in India:

* Cisco sales in India are over $1 billion. Chambers is bullish about prospects of wireless in India. (It might also explain why the company snapped up WiMAX vendor Navini Networks for $330 million.)

There is a potential to leapfrog technology in the developing world that is very different from the developed world; it is an exciting market for us.

* Cisco has earmarked $1.1 billion in investment in India. $750 million is going to “R&D activities, training, and development and expanding relationships with strategic partners in India.”

* Of the $150 million earmarked for VC investments, $100 million has been already invested. Investments include and Nimbus.

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