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That Thing About the Future of Business Media

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So about 500 of us will gather in that gilded ballroom in Waldorf-Astoria, in about two business days from now, to discuss the “Future of Business Media“, in all its rambunctious glory. It is CNBC vs FBN vs Bloomberg vs Reuters-Thomson, (NYSE: TOC) it is Portfolio vs Fortune vs BusinessWeek vs Economist vs Forbes, it is WSJ vs FT vs whichever camp you’re in, it is Quadrangle vs Elevation, it is Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Finance vs CNNMoney vs the rest, it is big deals vs Web 2.0-driven innovation, it is private equity vs venture hopes of disruption, it is tech media vs tech blogs, and above it all, it is Cramer vs Kramer. Or maybe there is no “vs” at all. We are all in there, one way or the other, and we love it this way.

Meanwhile, our team here will try to stay sane among the last minute craziness. See you all starting Monday evening at the IAC (NSDQ: IACI) building…as for the rest of you, well, there is still some time if you want to attend.

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