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Saregama Plans Online Music Store; Who's Going To Change The Game?

Music company Saregama India (earlier known as HMV) plans to launch their revamped site next week, offering users downloads of music from a catalog of 3,00,000 songs, reports The company has tied up with many record labels, including T-Series (via Hungama?), Sony (NYSE: SNE) BMG and around 43 South Indian labels. Thankfully, they’re selling single tracks, as opposed to selling full albums, which they did at However, tracks are being priced at Rs. 12 to Rs. 15 each, and need to be purchased using credit cards. Compare that with the existing model of tracks available for free, requiring no credit cards — proliferating despite being illegal. The report doesn’t mention whether the music on sale is DRM protected or not.

There are small steps. One could say that record labels still are being slowly coming to terms with drops in revenue from cassette sales each year, or blinded by the success of Caller Ring Back Tones (CRBTs). What one really needs is for a maverick to go and change the game — offer, for example, their music library on a subscription basis. Others, I’m sure, will follow suit. Not much of a chance of someone doing a Radiohead in India, is there?

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  1. Well…
    i am a person staying in singapore currently but i will be back in april to india, hyderabad. i just want a small favour from this great company, if they can help me in making a small album which might bring recognition to my singing talent. i could have gone too, but i know out of lacks one will be the known face. this is a small request sorry to leave such stuff on a public forum but i couldn't help it. i wll be waiting for the mail.