Personalized News Service DailyMe Raises First Round From PE Firm Palladium Equity


DailyMe, a personalized news aggregator based in Hollywood, FL, has received funding from private equity firm Palladium Equity Partners. Also participating were individual investors Miles Gilburne and Jose Luis Suares, who had previously made unannounced investments in the company. A piece from this summer indicated that the company was looking to raise $2 million, but CEO Eduardo Hauser has confirmed to us that it ultimately took in more than that. The site, which just recently launched, allows users to pull in customized news from a variety of sources. Because DailyMe has licensing agreements with a number of content providers, it’s able to provide full news pieces on the site. It also touts the fact that users can get their news across multiple platforms, with an option to automatically print out stories. Hauser was previously EVP of AOL (NYSE: TWX) Latin America. Funding will be used to enhance the product. Release.

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