Who's Raising Funding in Cleantech?

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The Dow Jones Alternative Energy conference was full of cleantech companies looking for funding on Wednesday. Which ones? The conference organizers were kind enough to hand out a nifty booklet categorized by “financing plans.” Here’s the goods:

Raising Money Now:
Antig Technology, Ardica Technologies, Atmocean, Avalence, Blue Square Energy, Ciralight, The SRT Group, Envision Solar, Epoch Air, Evergreen BioFuels, PrimeGen Power, Puget Sound Tidal Power, Serious Materials, Sopogy, SylvanSource, Used Cardboard Boxes, and Wasatch Wind

Raising Money Within Six Months:
Aptera Motors, CaliSolar, DC Wafers, General Compression, Hydrogen Solutions International, MAR Systems, Mariah Power, QuantaSol, Rentricity, SkyFuel, Solmetric, and SunEthanol

Raising Money Within One Year:
Deeya Energy

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