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Leopard shipping early?

Leopard Canada Shipping
A TAB reader in Canada sent us this image of his order status for Leopard. His copy of Leopard was shipping this morning via Purolator Courier’s Express Overnight delivery, which should put Leopard in his hands possibly by tomorrow…a day early than expected.

Has anyone else noticed if there pre-order of Leopard has shipped?

20 Responses to “Leopard shipping early?”

  1. ?&#$#@!!! Purolator forgot my parcel at their Sorting Center. I called and it’s impossible to get there to pick it up. So, if they do right (!), I’ll get it on monday. Deception 8(

  2. Yeah.
    Im in toronto.
    Purolator was bright and early with Leopard in hand.
    Im at work tho, so I don’t get a chance to play with it until after 6 anyways.
    The packaging is in those nice small boxes they’ve been putting iLife in.
    Very nice.

  3. My copy of Leopard is also, “Prepared for Shipment,” but it does say, “Ships by: DELIVERS ON OCTOBER 26TH.”

    And yes, it does appear in all caps on the actual order page.

  4. Oh wow, I just checked my order number thanks to this article. Here’s my tracking number: 753589811044. Guess I’ll have to wait till I get home. Did anyone else get their’s today?

  5. I went to check my status after reading this and my history has been cleared… Odd that it was OK this morning.

    Purolater is worse than useless. I always end up needing to pick up my shipment at their office.

  6. Mine now says “Prepared for Shipment”, just changed from “Not Shipped”. I pre-ordered mine on the 6/10/2007 at 10:22 PM JST. I’m not sure what that is in PDT, but I think i ordered it within on hour or so of it being available.

  7. Nah! Not for me. I just went to verify my order status and it says: “Ships by: DELIVERS ON OCTOBER 26TH”

    Even if I place my order it in the first hour Leopard was pre-orderable!