JibJab Raises $3 Million?

JibJab Media, the online animated video hit machine, has raised a new round of funding, and the dependable Private Equity Hub pins the amount as $3 million from Polaris Venture Partners. JibJab had not disclosed the amount raised in its first round, also done with Polaris, but peHUB says it was worth $6.4 million.

It’s interesting that the latest round was apparently for considerably less money; generally such things trend in the opposite direction. We’ve reached out to both JibJab and Polaris for comment but haven’t heard back yet.

JibJab is now getting into online greeting cards, writes Kara Swisher, with a new product line called Sendables. Another recent product, “Starring You!,” has allowed more than one million users to drop their heads onto characters in JibJab movies.

JibJab co-founder Gregg Spiridellis spoke at one of our Pier Screenings events this summer, and will be moderating a panel at our NewTeeVee Live conference on Nov. 14.