Gmail adds IMAP support, “huzzah!” says multiple device owners

GmailI saw the news break on Download Squad last night but was just too tired to write it up. I passed the info to Matt Miller who had three hours on me since he’s on the West Coast; think he’s happy about IMAP support for Gmail? His post title says it all: "IMAP coming to Gmail, mobile enthusaists cheer in anticipation" :)

It is welcome news. No longer will Gmail-ers have to rely on a one-way POP connection, nor have to manage mail as much on multiple devices. Among other benefits, IMAP works more in a real-time mode over POP’s download every time on every device. This means if you dealt with a message on one client, you won’t have to deal with it on another. Just tip of the iceberg for benefits, but it’s enough to share before I get the kids on the bus and have my first cup of coffee. :)