Gabe and Max will Make You Laugh


Watch Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing right now. You will laugh. Out loud. Repeatedly.

Usually spoofy infomercials are hacky and barely bring out a chuckle. But the combination of Gabe & Max’s wooden delivery, choppy editing and wonderfully moronic word choices (replete with Gabe’s constant gum-smacking) makes it one of the funniest ones I’ve ever seen.

So quit reading and start watching to learn everything about the “blogopolis,” “MySpaces,” and “bing-bong emails” to get the dreamlife of your dreams, using the Internet.

Update: Whoops. Looks like Boing Boing found these guys first. (Note to self: Check BoingBoing more often) They’ve even set up a forum for you to ask Gabe and Max questions.



The real question is, how are they making money off of it? It would have been great if they embedded a real URL to an actual Internet system at the end as an affiliate relationship with a site like As of this writing I think they are approaching 200,000 views in less than 2 weeks. A person who know the affiliate space could probably find hundreds of videos going viral and match them up with affiliate deals. The other question I have is what’s to stop me from buying the video content from Gabe and Max in the first few days its out and using it for my own purposes. I wonder if anyone is doing this yet.

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