Tom Hanks, Electric Car Salesman


Want to be friends with Academy Award-winning movie star Tom Hanks? You could just friend him on MySpace. Or you could buy one of the electric retrofitted cars he’s touting on his profile. Hanks, in a low-budget video series distributed through MySpace (NWS), is promoting the eBox, the latest offering from Los Angeles-based AC Propulsion.

The video was added earlier this month, with the next episode of Hanks’ electrifying car pitch due to be posted “in the coming weeks,” MySpace tells us. Currently available only in California, the eBox costs around $70,000 — $15,000 or so for a new Scion xB (the price depends on which options you choose), and a $55,000 conversion process. With a range of 120-150 miles and a charge rate of very roughly a mile per minute, the eBox is aimed at urban and suburban commuters.

Hanks is not some Johnny-come-lately to the electric vehicle scene. As he explains in the video, he put over 30,000 miles on his first electric car. As a guest on “The Late Show with David Letterman” back in 2004 (embedded below), Hanks hinted at some kind of working relationship with an electric car company (though at the time he was very careful not to mention any names — “involved in a company” is the term he used). The clip of his appearance also appeared in the 2006 documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” We called AC Propulsion to get more information about its promotional deal with Hanks — in particular, the financial aspect of it. We’ll update the post when we know more.



Thanks Tom, for doing your part for alternative energy, and for setting a good example for the rest of the Nation. I read somewhere that Israel was leading the way in electric car production and use! Why cant we?


Cool site! If the corrupt incompetent Auto Co’s were only allowed to fail – to better allow the production of electric cars. Tho you can keep your Income tax dollars – and put them to work for you – instead of sending them to the IRS & the Bankers with a 100% Tax Credit:


hopefully this catches on!

when i was a kid i hated the idea of “low powered” electric cars and the end of the beloved IC engine… i wanted a Cobra, dammit!

i found a 400 HP electric Mustang the other day!

death to IC!


We will never again see an all electric can in this country produced by the major Auto manufacture companies again like we did in 1996, because they know that they can not make as much money as they do with internal combustion engines. The major auto make got together and took back the cars that they had made from the people that had them, and then they crushed the cars and shredded the cars so that the American people would not know about the cars that could free us from foreign oil in 2004 they destroyed all the electric cars! So it is the plan of the Oil companies and the Auto companies to never bring bank a 100 percent electric car even though we have the technology to produce electric cars with over a 400 hundred range right now, because the automakers sell so many after market parts and do so many repairs to the cars we use today. The automakers do not care about the environment or gas prices because they will lose money if Americans become energy impendent by having its people drive all electrics cars. So they came up with the idea of making hybrids so that they could still keep us on oil and so that they could still sell their parts to cars!

A realist

I meant to say the words ABOVE mine in that last comment. I wasn’t sure where the comment would end up, i was sure it was gonna be on top.

A realist

To the guy that wrote the grip of words below mine. DUDE. Who bought a EV-1 for 43,00 dollars????? Nobody. So they weren’t sold for that. Valve regulated lead acid batteries do not cost $20,000. You are the one spreading excremental information. They turned down $1900.00 dollars so they could crush them for $0.0. There were legal issues of course. They had to watch their behinds. But, IT IS ILLEGAL TO SELL A CAR THAT DOESNT PASS FEDERAL SAFETY REGULATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The car’s safety spec’s were passed by the government before lease…its the law. You are full of glorious mis-information. I will pray for you before i go to bed and hope that people wont base, or strengthen, their judgments by considering your words.

kent beuchert

I’m amazed that Hanks has the guts to even discuss electric cars after the pack of lies he spoke during
that larger pack of lies called “Who Killed the Electric car?” We in the electric car asociation take offense at Hollywood no-nothings spreading lies for profit
about cars such as the EV-1, immortalized in the film, but a piece of crap in reality. If Chris Paine or Hanks had any balls they would debate the film’s
silly and implausible and typically Hollywood version of history. Perhaps one of these two liars (or lying Ed Begley) can explain how a car recently nominated by Time auto analysts as one of the worst 50 cars ever built, is in any significant way superior to the Detroit Electric, version 1907, built before WWI. The EV-1 was expensive ($43,000), with a long recharge time (8 hours), a battery pack that barely lasted 5 years yet cost over $20,000, a driving range that couldn’t guarantee that you would reach a destination a mere 35 miles away and get back home, and didn’t even meet all Federal safety regulations and could not legally be sold (the film claims GM was offered $1.9 million for the cars; that was about $1900 per vehicle, not enough to pay for half the battery pack)>

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