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Google Funds Algae In Space: Google has committed $3 million to support 15 researchers at NASA/Ames who are working on capturing methane emitted by algae to use as energy source — San Jose Mercury News.

Plug-In Prius On It’s Way?: Popular Mechanics takes a ride in a plug-in Prius prototype and says, “Toyota may be the first to market with a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicle.” — Popular Mechanics.

Little Green Lies of Corporate Carbon Emissions: An awesome (but long) article on a disgruntled sustainability exec who paints a somber picture of corporate greening — Business Week.

Honda, No Need for Plug-Ins: The Volt doesn’t make sense and plug-in hybrid vehicles don’t offer enough eco benefits, claims Honda’s Chief Executive Takeo Fukui — WSJ.

Rise in Food Prices Can Thank Ethanol: A CIBC World Market’s report says that the US policy of subsidizing ethanol to reduce its dependence on foreign oil is causing higher food prices in Canada and the U.S — Canadian Press.

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