MySpace “UGC” Movie is Missing the “U”

For a movie being billed as the first user-generated feature film, “users” have little to do with the production of Faintheart. The lead roles will be played by professional actors, while the script was already written and was first developed by the independent production company Slingshot Studios.

To be fair, the film’s director, Vito Rocco, was selected by way of a MySpace Movie Mashup Contest held in the UK earlier this year — he received more than 500,000 votes and as a result, roughly $2 million dollars to make the film. And through the contest, MySpacers were given the chance to comment on scripts, choose the film’s title and try out for acting roles — with some of the social network’s members being cast for minor parts in the film.

But that hardly makes this movie “user-generated.” Where’s the footage shot by everyday people? Where are the special effects created by users?

Following Faintheart‘s lead, maybe you can leave some comments and we’ll turn this into a “user-generated” blog post.