Social News Service CrispyNews Sold to; Now Targeting the Enterprise

Jeff Nolan noticed this morning that the URLs for CrispyNews, a make-your-own-Digg service, now redirect to a site. Turns out, the company has since confirmed, acquired the assets Menlo Park-based startup early this year for an undisclosed amount. Prior to the purchase, CrispyNews offered a way for groups to build their own Digg-like social news site.

Now the service, which has been branded as Salesforce Ideas, is being pitched to enterprise customers as a tool to help them tap into the wisdom of the broader community, including employees, customers, developers and partners. In addition to Salesforce’s own Idea Exchange site, it’s also powering Dell’s Idea Storm. Pre-existing groups are still using the service, but it’s no longer offered to non-corporate users.

Though it doesn’t use this service, Intel (NSDQ: INTC) recently launched Cool Software, a Digg-like site with a similar purpose.