Mozilla Releases 2006 Financials; $61.5 million in Search Royalties

The Mozilla Foundation, the developer of the Firefox browser, has released an audited financial statement for the year 2006 showing that it took in $66 million for the year, $61 million of which were search royalties, largely from Google (NSDQ: GOOG). These figures are up 26.2 and 21.7 percent respectively. Net income (which it calls change in net assets) rose by 6.5 percent to $27.9 million. The slow income growth was largely the result of a $5.7 million increase in development costs as well as a $4 million increase in sales and marketing expenses. Obviously, the organization is quite dependent on Google, though it’s worth reminding that by now these numbers are almost a year out of date. Chief Lizard Wrangler Mitchell Baker discusses the numbers further in her blog. One important note is that revenue growth has lagged FireFox usage growth, in part because the rate of payment declines with volume. Statement (pdf link)