Facebook Lawsuit Highlights Issues With Social Media On Mobile


Facebook’s messaging and networking services take a hit on mobile: A woman in Indiana is suing Facebook for sending her unsolicited text messages, some containing explicit language and unsettling remarks. She claims that she started to get the messages in November 2006, when she received a “recycled” telephone number from her operator Verizon. Her legal team contends that Facebook has sent thousands of similarly unauthorized messages across its network to people whose numbers may have previously been attached to Facebook accounts, and is seeking to convert the civil action into a class action lawsuit. The plaintiff says she was charged 10 cents per message and could not block the messages without blocking other texts that she did want to receive. The suit contends that Facebook, which has been operating its mobile service for 18 months, has profited from this blanket SMS service, and is seeking unspecified damages. It’s not clear whether the site actually charges uses to send mobile messages, but in any case any traffic activity, both web and mobile, is good for the company’s growth strategy in advertising and other commercial activities.

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