Whose Web Shows Should Be on TV?


TV shows filled with web clips don’t work (R.I.P. Online Nation, Web Junk, et al), as Liz recently pointed out. So why not transport an entire web show? Many web series are powered by strong personalities — who from the small screen should make the leap to the big flat screen? (And don’t get all uppity and say traditional TV is dead, because the average U.S. household still watches more than eight hours of television a day — so put that in your cathode ray tube and smoke it.)

Some of these people and their shows may already have TV deals. (So many have been handed out, it’s hard to keep track.) Whether they do or not, these shows should be rushed into production and put on the air now.

Makezine’s Bre Pettis. Anyone who can teach you how to create a ring out of a quarter, assemble a Rubik’s cube out of dice or turn a theremin into a weekend project and keep it entertaining deserves way more air time than Ty Pennington.

Though the cute-girl-hosting-a-web-show business model is tiresome, Cali Lewis on Geekbrief.tv still pulls it off with aplomb. She has such an easy on-camera presence, and the show itself is a great rundown of what’s going on with gadgets and tech.


They’d strangle me with an ironic t-shirt for saying it, but Vice Magazine’s vbs.tv would be awesome on the boob tube. As Jason Tanz over at Wired points out, the Vice crew is doing some extremely dangerous, and extremely entertaining news coverage. Case in point: This story about a designer of bullet-proof clothing, and the reporter gets shot to test the product. Give these guys a travel budget!But what do you think? Which web shows would you like to see make the move to TV? Tell us in the comments section.

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