VonageLovesYou, Even if You Don't


[qi:86] It could pass as a cute little gesture, but somehow it smacks of desperation. The beleaguered VoIP service provider, Vonage (VG) has been in a ton of trouble, getting sued left, right and center by any telco with a VoIP-related patents. The legal worries are causing potential customers to pause and rethink before signing up for Vonage’s service. In order to lure them, Vonage has introduced a new website, VonageLovesYou.com, and is offering three months of phone service for $9.95-a-month, and is throwing in a free router, just to sweeten the deal. (Thanks to all of you who sent this tip.)


roman nakonechnyy

Gees vonage’s sucks when my v-tech modem device broke nobody came to fix it or even answer hundreds of times I called vonage to help me fix the phone they charged me for 2 months but it still not fixed


Seems like a router has always been tossed in though. I got mine for free and didn’t do any special deal.


…and i love vonage back, seriously, my bill is always low, like under 25ish bucks, and i used to pay over 80 for identical services and features…plus it’s backup – isn’t everybody all mobile now???


Holy Toledo! I have not looked at their balance sheet lately, but it has to be bleeding lots of red.
1) Promotion that is costing them money. Router costs is probably greater than $25 alone.
2) Sprint lawsuit $80M
3) Verizon lawsuit $58M
4) AT&T lawsuit TBD

5) 5.5% royalty to Verizon going forward (new sales)
6) 5% royalty to Spring going forward (new sales)
7) AT&T royalty – TBD

8) Customer acquisition costs?
9) Increasing customer churn

…..damm, this does not look good for Vonage shareholders,imo.

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