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Leopard Is Coming, and I Want It

leopardAs you may know, Apple has posted a guided tour of Leopard to the company’s Web site, giving us the most in-depth preview so far of the latest operating system upgrade, which hits stores this Friday. After taking the 20+ minutes to watch the video in full, I can unequivocally say I am very impressed, and know I will be purchasing the upgrade as soon as possible.

If you want to gain the fullest experience of the video, then do as I did:

1. Download the Large (379MB) video as a .zip archive.
2. Unzip the file, revealing a file “”
3. Drag the file on to your iTunes, and wait for it to copy.
4. Sync with your Apple TV (You have one, right?)

Then sit back, relax and watch the video on your flat-screen TV, instead of a little window on your Mac. It’s good stuff. Although I’ve come to expect big things from Apple, I kept watching the demonstration of new features like “Stacks”, “Spaces” and “Data Detectors” within that I know I would be using immediately. And the demonstrations of CoverFlow within Finder, as well as screen sharing from within iChat, could have dramatic impacts on how I use my Mac today or share with colleagues. Other little items, like browsing Devices or “Shared” computers over a network from the Finder, just make sense, and will make things I do every day just a little more simple.

I thought I would be blown away by Time Machine, as I first was when Steve Jobs demoed it. But the video showed you needed a 3rd party storage device for it to work, not just the primary Mac (somehow I missed that the first time around). I also sensed the video’s careful editing made some time-consuming tasks look instantaneous. But all that aside, I went from somebody who was on the fence as to whether I’d be getting the upgrade before end of year, to one who knows what I’ll be doing this weekend. It just had better not break my VMWare in the process.

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  1. I’ll already have Leopard installed by the time you’re still waiting in line at the store. No matter how much Apple tells USPS, UPS or FedEx to NOT deliver until AFTER 6pm, they box is on your doorstep the first opportunity the driver gets. The guy wants to go home, not sit around for a marketing launch.

    I had Tiger delivered around 10a.m. even though they were supposed to hold it until after 6pm.

  2. For a decent backup strategy, you must have a different disk than the one you’re backing up. A backup is not only for recovering deleted documents; it’s also for when your disk goes bad. And if your backup is on that same disk, well, you’re out of luck.

    Another thing to consider is the case when your mac is nicked; you’ll be glad to have that external disk in the drawer!

    So a second disk in your mac pro is good, but an external disk is better (or two: I keep two copies of my digital photographs, each copy on a different disk).

  3. “Not seeing it AS a new feature”… sorry.

    I should also point out that I am extremely excited for the Quicklook, and Core Animation features. These will both enable new workflows, and save loads of accumulated time… hopefully!

  4. Regarding stacks:
    I’m not sure if many people know this (or if I was simply deprived before I found out), but OS X already has stacks. You just have to hold CTRL.

    Try it!
    1- Drag a folder onto the Dock to create a link.
    2- Ctrl+click the new dock Icon. Et voila!
    3- Customising folder Icons makes this look much cooler, and easier to navigate if you have many.

    The new Stacks saves you the ctrl key, and adds a pretty GUI, but I’m not seeing it a new feature. Especially considering the complete OS upgrade.

  5. @2: That makes sense. Thanks.

    @3: I was stoked about the proposed integration with GMail, Yahoo!, etc. That will come in real handy for some people. Also, I kept thinking of new ways to use Spaces (think work/non-work/blogging, etc.) and Stacks would be a great way to navigate commonly-used folders. The video was pretty solid.

  6. I was the 7th person to place a preorder at my local mac store when it was announced. I will be there by 6pm friday to pick it up and should have it installed by 10pm that night. I know for sure i’ll use 290 out of the 300+ new features. Mine include Spaces, Time Machine, Quick Look, Cover Flow in Finder and the new Mail looks awesome for my 9+ email address I have to check. Now I can use just 1 client! woo hoo Apple!

  7. Constable Odo

    You really don’t need another drive. You could just partition your main drive and write the information to the second partition.

    Of course, I would recommend everyone to have an extra drive to save backup data to. Apple is trying to protect you and you blame them for making you spend unnecessary money. You don’t get it at all. It doesn’t take a genius to realize how important backup data is.