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6 eBay Tools for the Mac


There are generally 3 types of eBay users. Those who list and buy everything they can get their hands on who constantly have atleast a dozen auctions going, those who have never used eBay, and those who go in spurts of being the first type.

I generally tend to be the latter. I’ll go 6 months or a year and never touch eBay and then my wife and I will get an itch to clean out the closet and sell practically everything we can touch. Yes, listing things on eBay can be a bit of an addiction.

While certain business niches seem to be moving to web-based applications, it would seem a lot people prefer to move away from eBay. The interface can be extremely overcrowded, clunky, and many times slow. So having a GUI to manage everything can be a pretty nice thing.

Below are a few applications (some free, some not), that I’ve found that might help feed your eBay addiction a bit whether you’re a seller or a buyer.


GarageSale For the past few years GarageSale has been my eBay application of choice.

It’s been around for a few years but over the past year and half or so they’ve really stepped things up and set the bar high for similar applications.

If you’re looking to sell anything on eBay, you really should be using GarageSale. For power sellers, GarageSale will save you huge amounts of time as well as money by letting you use the GarageSale servers for image storage and for doing certain tasks like scheduled publishing that would otherwise cost you extra fees if you went through the eBay site.

GarageSale is an extremely affordable $30 and is available here.


GarageBuy GarageSale is for sellers. GarageBuy, on the other hand, is for people looking for killer deals!

Basically GarageBuy takes the content available on eBay and wraps it up in a different package. I actually find the interface to be a bit crowded, but it does do a good job of weeding out a lot of the information “fluff” on the eBay site that a lot of times isn’t necessary. I just think they went a bit overboard on the Big ‘N Chunky™ gradients and rounded corners.

Where GarageSale might lack on the interface side, it makes up for in features. With features like Growl support for notifications and keyword/search saving, it really can be a great tool when you’re looking for a lot of items.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?


iSale The main competitor to GarageSale is definitely Equinux’s iSale.

When iSale originally came out I wasn’t all that impressed with it. It’s interface left a lot to be desired and its feature set wasn’t anything to get excited about.

In the past couple of years, though, Equinux really stepped up its game. In 2005 and 2006 iSale was a winner of the Apple Design Award at WWDC.

iSale’s feature set if quite similar to GarageSale so really a lot comes down to your interface preference. iSale is a tad more expensive than GarageSale, clocking in at around $40 in the Equinux store.

Auction Hunter

Auction Hunter Auction Hunter is a straightforward application for watching an “sniping” bids on eBay.

Sniping is where you bid a (hopefully) winning bid at the last section. Auction Hunter will let you set your “snipe” bid and then will make that bid at the last second for you.

Auction Hunter is shareware that costs $30 if you’d like to have it nag-free and featured-loaded.


eBayAddict Here’s another widget to add to your Dashboard.

eBayAddict lets you track auctions so you can keep up to date on the price/status of as many auctions as you’d like.

eBay Watcher

eBay Watcher Another Dashboard widget, eBay Watcher is fairly full-featured widget. It can track specific auction, search eBay, give audio feedback, Growl notification, and more.

For you iPhone users, eBay Watcher can even be installed for use right on your phone.

eBay Watcher is an affordable $10 which includes licenses for 2 computers.

7 Responses to “6 eBay Tools for the Mac”

  1. I’m going to try out GarageBuy (since it’s free) and then consider whether it meets my needs or not.
    Slowly but surely, we were getting mac applications developed but since the introduction of the ipod and iphone, we’ve been blessed with the increased amount of apple cocoa-based applications being developed.
    Heaven. :D

  2. wateva

    Ebaywatcher is useless – to say the least. Don’t believe me then read the feed back from others on its web page – I wish i had, before downloading this utter piece of trash code. Another waste of time!

  3. wateva

    Have down loaded the latest GarageSale beta – 5.2, and it still has problems!!! ( I have a lic)

    Its not as great as the hype makes out… most self satisfy in thinking they have the best between the two, between iSale and GarageSale. Both for the money you fork out are not worth it! When you think that ebay gets this right with their FREE application that does the same job then these two boso companies are nothing more than rip offs. Their support and forums are abysmal – unless your sucking up to their hype they ignor you!

    If you have a mac run windows on boot camp or parallel and use the FREE application from ebay. It will save you heaps in time money and PATIENCE! Get on with the job of selling, not setting up these stupid programmes. Waste of time!

  4. Have been using GarageSale for quite some time. We paid for the Family version, and now that they have upgraded to Ver. 4, we get to pay more for it … It works well (most of the time), and once everything is set up, it is fast and easy to load items for eBay.

    GarageBuy is another story – Don’t Bother!!

    Haven’t tried Ver. 4 yet, but will be doing so this week. Will keep in touch.

  5. Last week eBay launched their beta eBay desktop based on Adobes new technology Air. Basically it is a combination of Flash, Ajax and a local application. It is very nice application.

    Check it out at