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Weekend Reader: Microsoft, Vyke, Snocap & Innovation

Microsoft Launches Unified Communications Portfolio. Jeff Raikes, President of Microsoft’s Business Division tells CNET “The era of dialing blind, the era of playing phone tag, the era of voice-mail jam…that era is ending.” Good sound byte but far from truth. Aswath rightfully points out that problem is not that of technology but of social behavior. Anyway lets sit back and watch them duke it out with Cisco Systems.

Vyke, another VoIP Client for Nokia S60 phone. The options for making VoIP calls from Nokia S60 phones with WiFi keep on increasing. Vyke is the latest to join the party. I still like Truphone.

Why CD Baby popped a Snocap. Derek Sivers, CD Baby CEO outlines why his company cut the cord with Shawn Fanning’s start-up, Snocap. It seems like a case of too much expectations from a Silicon Valley company that seems to have drink too much of its own kool aid. Sivers didn’t say that, but should have.

Jim Robbins, former CEO of Cox passes away.

Life imitates art: The bizzare saga around the death of Seth Tobian, a hedge fund manager who often appeared on CNBC. He was found dead last month in his pool in Florida. It was then said, it was a heart attack. But now seems like foul play.

Who’s an innovator? Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior (my interview) has some thoughts on innovators and innovation on her blog. My favorite bit about her post is this bit of sage advise: Know when and what to stop doing. This is probably the hardest thing to do….it is next to impossible to get people to think about what not to do.

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  1. re: Innovator –

    I totally agree, we have to realize what people want. but then the if you look at world market,there will always be people who would like yous product. Nokia failed in US but it’s huge in India. Hyundai failed in US but it’s huge in India.
    So I guess if one has a product, a good strategy may be to see which market is more suitable for it.