MySpace Gets in Bed with Roommates

MySpace continues its march into original content with the launch of Roommates, a new, scripted original web series, today. The move represents MySpace’s (NWS) first co-development project and first original web series created specifically for MySpace TV.


Created with Iron Sink Media, Roommates follows the lives of eight comely co-eds after they graduate from college. Four of the girls move to L.A. to live in a Real World-esque house where their actions are recorded and broadcast on the Internet. The show promises to include other features, such as character profiles and vlogs, and the MySpace audience will even have the opportunity to affect the storyline. [digg=]

In the press release, MySpace boasted:

MySpace’s co-development role in Roommates allows MySpaceTV to retain creative control over all aspects of the show’s development including casting, story development, location scouting, and wardrobe — allowing the company to create the series exclusively with the MySpace audience in mind.

The audience they have in mind must be those adolescent males everyone is after, as the first episode features one of the girls standing in her underwear scolding her dog, followed by some girl-on-girl farting.

Maybe MySpace thought quarterlife, another series it’s paying to show online, was too stuffy.

Regardless, fans of Roommates will be able to get daily fixes, with 45 episodes running Monday through Friday from Oct. 22 – Dec. 21.

It ends Dec. 21? What, no very special Christmas episode? Hear the answer to this and other more pressing questions when we speak with Jeff Berman, general manager of MySpace TV, at our NewTeeVee Live conference on Nov. 14.